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Recognizing My Purpose

First off, we all have the same purpose: to awaken to our oneness with perfect Love and to inspire others to do the same. And there are billions of ways to express that purpose throughout our lives. The way we express our purpose is not so much about what we are doing, it’s about who we are being. Sometimes that looks like a job or career that overtly inspires people to wake up to their oneness with perfect Love, like being a minister, teacher, counselor, or healer.

Maybe you’re an artist, writer, or performer who infuses truth and inspiration into your art. Most other times, it’s what occurs as a result of our demonstration of our purpose in our lives. We are always teaching by our demonstration. So simply by living a purposeful and inspiring life aligned with love, we have to share the benefit. Anything and everything you do for your healing and expansion, including living in purpose, benefits everyone around you in some way. They might not have a clue it was you or know what you did, but the effect is true. We are all connected, and every single thing we do, or don’t do, matters. It all has an impact. That’s one way we can see the oneness of all life.

I was minding my own business, stepping lightly onto the path, just taking some spiritual classes, and I don’t know what happened, but I got hit with the Truth! I can tell you when I started my spiritual journey, I had zero intention of attending services every Sunday, let alone leading meditation and being in leadership in the community. I never pictured myself making prayers on the internet or on the phone with people. I didn’t expect to become a spiritual counselor or minister, but before I knew it, there was nothing I wanted more and nothing that could stop the calling of my heart. In fact, a few years ago, I had to stop saying “I’ll never do that” because I realized that everything I was doing or working towards were things I had never imagined doing. Who knows what I’ll do next?

The pull to live in my purpose was so powerful once I discovered it. And amazingly, as soon as I had the inspiration to take a step towards it, everything I needed was provided. The perfect teachers showed up to support me. Rev. Jennifer created a spiritual counseling training program. Rev. Jesse created the Practitioner training program and then the Ministerial program. I deepened my understanding of spiritual principle and began living it. My interests and priorities changed. My friends changed. Suddenly I had new spiritually minded friends—the most amazing tribe to learn together and support each other.

Your path comes alive when you commit to living in Truth, when you commit to your authenticity, when you stand in the truth of who. You. Are. Your own individual path blossoms before you. The way is lit for you. You are led and guided every step of the way. The highest possibility for your life will unfold before you when you make the commitment to live authentically in your purpose.

As I became more aligned with my purpose and commitment to live in Truth, long-held structures in my life began to shift. When I say long-held, I’m talking 20 years or more. The big ones. And when I say shift, I mean dismantle. In a nutshell: my 24-year marriage ended. I moved to West Hollywood after living in Sherman Oaks for 20 years. Last summer, I left a 24-year career in the arts to pursue my spiritual counseling healing business and ministry. And just when I thought I was done with the massive changes, I realized I was bisexual. “Even that has changed?” I asked myself and God in disbelief. It felt more than a little awkward to be making this discovery in my late 40s, but it couldn’t go unseen and unacknowledged any longer. I have to be authentic. Making all of these big changes stemmed from my desire to live authentically, and they’re allowing me to become more of my Self.

You don’t have change your whole life to live in your purpose. You don’t have to intend to change anything. If you are interested in transformation, it’s available. And living your purpose will take you there. It’s amazing what Spirit will reveal and where it will lead you when you live in Truth. You probably won’t know where you’re going to end up, but it will be a wonderful surprise, better than you ever imagined. I wish you well on your path.


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