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Home Groups

Community First Program

Home Groups are intimate gatherings that meet all over Los Angeles.  It’s a great way to make real connections with like-minded folks on a spiritual path.


Learn more with these commonly asked questions…

What is the purpose of Inspire’s Home Group Program?  Our intention is to cause unprecedented care and connection along with healthy community growth.  By hosting small, intimate Home Groups led by trained, inspired and well-supported members of the Inspire community, we feel this goal is easily achieved. 

What is a home group?  A Home Group consists of 4-10 people who meet at least once a month in a member’s home for approximately 2.5 hours to do spiritual practice, share, care and connect. They follow a structured meeting curriculum that supports them in growing spiritually and moving through life challenges & celebrations together.  In essence, your home group is your own spiritual support system and cheering squad.

Who are home groups for?  Home Groups are for anyone who has attended any Inspire Sunday Service who feels a desire to connect with other like-minded folks on a spiritual path in an intimate setting to share and connect.

How often do they meet?  Officially, each group meets once a month in-person.  However, if you feel inspired to get together outside of your groups that totally fine and up to you.

Where are they located?  There are groups hosted at private homes in different parts of the greater Los Angeles area.  Currently, we have groups in West Hollywood/Hollywood, Silverlake, and San Fernando Valley (Van Nuys area).

What day of the week do they meet?  Each group is different.  We encourage participants to begin by choosing the group that is most convenient for them geographically, then investigating the details such as day of the week and start time.  


How long do they last?  Groups last approximately 2.5 hours.  

What happens in a home group meeting?  Home group meetings begin with sharing food and socializing. The meeting continues with spiritual practice, discussion, authentic sharing, and fun activities that foster connection. Home group meetings are your time to get together, laugh, discover, give and receive support, and just be yourself in a small group–your tribe within the larger Inspire tribe.

Is there food?  Yes! The first part of the meeting is devoted to breaking bread and socializing. Group members bring food to share pot-luck style.

How much does this cost?  There is no charge to participate in a home group and the value is priceless! 

What is the time commitment involved?  There is no specific commitment associated with this program other than showing up for a monthly meeting.  Our hope is, of course, that these meetings become something that you desire to attend regularly, and become incorporated into your sense of what a spiritual community has to offer.  That said, there is no actual obligation involved and you can stop your participation at any time.

Are there any prerequisites to joining?  These groups are for people who have attended services on Sunday at Inspire Spiritual Community and are interested in a deeper community experience.

Who leads the groups?  The Home Leaders are members of your community; people who are interested in expanding their community experience.  They each have received specific training to be able to lead the groups, but there are no special requirements beyond their desire and the willingness to commit to the program.  In fact, if you join a group and think you might like to one day lead a home group, you can become a leader-in-training and move in that direction if you feel so moved!


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