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Mission Statement

INSPIRE is a spiritual community of like-minded souls committed to walking our talk in joyous fellowship by demonstrating the power of love, compassion, and non-judgment, every day in every way.

Recognizing the divinity of all life we stand united in actively liberating humanity by healing judgment, fear and shame within ourselves.

To create world peace… piece by piece! Woohoo!


Discover Inspire


Inspire is an independent New Thought spiritual community-based in Los Angeles, CA.


Our first Celebration Service was on Valentine's Day of 2010.  It was hosted at East/West Lounge, a gay bar in the heart of West Hollywood. Co-Founders Rev. Jennifer Hadley & Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan facilitated the service. 


Our intention was to offer something heart-centered and healing for LGBTQ&As.  We decided to meet in the bars because they have served as a place of sanctuary to the community for decades.

We continued to meet in local bars for 3.5 years until moving into our first center in the fall of 2014 and in the fall of 2017 we moved once again, this time to a theater space located in the nearby lot of "The Actors Company LA". Our new home accommodates our growing congregation and better meets our needs.  We are thrilled to experience such enthusiastic expansion. 

Our members represent an array of different religious and philosophical backgrounds.  We celebrate diversity as we continue to explore the truth that connects us all. 

The foundation of our philosophical teachings can be simply stated:

"We are all one. That Oneness is God.  God is Love.”

We believe that everyone's inherent nature is loving and that spiritual community is a valuable tool we can use to help us remember this truth.  We offer classes, workshops, spiritual counseling and special events all designed to support LGBTQs in loving life.  Most of our services are offered for a donation.  

We also offer Spiritual Practitioner & Ministerial Licensing Programs.  These programs are designed to train and support emerging spiritual leaders, teachers, and counselors in the LGBTQ community and beyond.  The programs are a deeply experiential consciousness-building process that includes specific studies that support participants in deepening their spiritual practice and prepares them for advanced participation in spiritual community.
No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or religious background you are most welcome at Inspire.  We invite you to join us as we continue to celebrate the good life has to offer and the beauty that dwells in each and every one of us. 

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