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Each episode of this podcast features a different topic or story pertinent to the LGBTQ+ experience and weaves in spiritual perspectives to expand the conversation.  

This is a collective project featuring the work and voices of different teachers and members of Inspire.

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About This Episode

Namasgay & LGBTQ+ Spiritual Community

This Episodes Guest: Frank Macri


Frank Macri is a leadership development trainer and business coach and who has supported over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs in creating thriving businesses and becoming influential leaders in their communities. Frank is more recently recognized as the president and founder of a mindful LGBTQ community called Namasgay.

Namasgay is a growing movement of thousands of LGBTQ people seeking spiritual awareness and deeper connection to themselves and others. Namasgay offers an annual three-day Summit, local social events, and virtual masterclasses that bring together the queer spiritual community in transformative and fun ways.

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Listeners of "LGBTQ+ & Spiritual" can use the code “INSPIRE” to save 25% off tuition for the Namasgay Summit.

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