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Mindful Activism Workshop

Giveaway Contest!!

We're giving away 2 FREE passes &

2 HALF OFF tickets to this Saturday's online workshop w/ Brandon Kneefel.

Drawing will be Friday morning!

 Brandon Kneefel, Facilitator 

Saturday, March 3 @ 12pm PST 

Class will be hosted online using ZOOM video conferencing technology.


Join author, activist, and tv host Brandon Kneefel in this insightful and empowering online workshop.  Together we'll explore the question, "How to change the world when BEING is not enough."


With an emphasis on LGBTQ activism this event will explore:

  • What activism is and what it is not

  • What is the point and purpose of activism?

  • Do we all need to be activists?

  • How can we use technology to expand awareness and unity?

  • Effects of complacency and laziness

  • The history and future of activism


With the politcal landscape being what it is today, there has never been a better time to be havin these important conversations.  Please join us.

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