• Mark Gregor

The Power OF Appreciation

"Appreciation starts with a measure of value."

I recently listened to a sermon about appreciation and it made me think about the word itself. So many of us think appreciation as acknowledging the good in others or other things for the sake of others or other things. However, in Truth, as in all, appreciating is about expanding the value of our own experience.

The word itself comes from the early Latin: "ad" (to) and "pretium" (price). Which translated into late Latin: appretiat (to set at a price). However, when most of us practice appreciation, we often don't associate a measurable value. True appreciation is not just acknowledging this or that quality, person or experience. Rather, True Appreciation measurably increases the value of its attention. It literally expands the very essence of what is being appreciated. Therefore, appreciating kindness, expands the value of kindness (it appreciates). Equally, to not appreciate kindness retracts the value of kindness (it depreciates).

By this understanding, we begin to understand the power of our attention to appreciation. Want to experience a wealthy life? Start by appreciating the value of the good already in your life ... and the good can only expand. It must. It is Universal law. To all who increase the value of good in their life through a measurable practice of appreciating, I bow to you. Namaste.

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