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Freedom Comes Through Choice

People talk about freedom all the time. It comes up in so many different conversations.

Freedom to do what one’s heart calls them to do. Freedom to move unencumbered through life. Freedom to worship the higher power of your choosing, freedom to ‘not believe’, freedom to vote without others' influence, freedom from poverty, sickness and disease, freedom from the speed at which our lives often feel bombarded, freedom from fear, doubt and worry.

We pray, we meditate, we go to the gym, we eat healthy, we actively participate in community, we worship together, we place ourselves in situations and circumstances that assist us to move forward in life. We sing and dance and paint and write.

These are wonderful tools, but they will not allow for true freedom.

We/you/I must CHOOSE to be free!

In our human comings and goings, demands of our daily lives, so called “time tables”, challenges, the urge of the ego reminding us that we aren’t doing enough, it is easy to fall prey to the stories our minds create.

Of course, all of this is an illusion.

When the decision is made to choose freedom, the soul smiles in sweet repose, for in Truth, we are already free! We choose dominion over our awareness by being present to the moment and give thanks for every challenge, which are ultimately blessings for us to realize.

We must choose happiness, joy, peace, serenity and love in our daily lives. We can’t “make it happen”, we can’t say it and not mean it, for those are false choices.

When we desire true freedom beyond intellectual construct, we are willing to develop an inner condition in ourselves where we consciously choose Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Equanimity, Prosperity, Wholeness, Joy and Love no matter what is present in our lives.

Choosing the verities of Spirt over the outer situations we might be facing is a loving spiritual discipline and anything less will not provide the actualization, internalization and embodiment of these qualities. With each choice, we are victorious, we are returned to our real state of being and all aspects of our living are blessed. We get to choose because we are Divinity itself!

Try this: When the enemies of freedom present themselves to you (hate, envy, strife, jealousy, comparison, frustration, fear, doubt, worry), just breathe and relax and repeat this over and over until you become quiet and still within.

Then tell yourself the Truth about yourself!

You are LOVE. You are created in ITS image and likeness free to be All that IT IS NOW!

This choice will center you, and the Presence living as your life will let you know that everything is alright, because it is.

You/me/we are born FREE! Choose it!

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