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Enjoying Abundance With Each Breath

I signed up for a retreat with Inspire almost immediately after my first visit to the community. I was so inspired that I dove into the deep end without a second thought. At the retreat a fellow participant handed me “The Oath of Manifestation” from Agape Spiritual Center. This oath resonated with my soul so deeply that I’ve recited it every day since, feeling each word with hands on my heart or sometimes under a cold shower to refresh my day.

Divine abundance is within me and not elsewhere. It’s in every breath I take. In fact my breath is a perfect example of abundance. Breathing is easy and effortless. Breath is free and infinite until I transition. I need not hoard my breath and I don’t have to go to Walmart to get it or order online . It’s simply here for me to enjoy. I don’t tell my respiratory system to fully circulate the next one at my cellular level so I can be fully alive and abundant. It simply comes from knowing God is my infinite Source and God’s life is my life now (because there is nothing outside of God). It feels so good to be at ease and relaxed, knowing that I am effortlessly cared for. I’m so grateful for my breath.

Sokie Paulin

Everytime I write a check I scribe “God is the Source of My Substance and Supply; I am Grateful!” As God is Abundance, I am Abundance; and this is true of everyone else on this planet. It comes first from knowing, from remembering my Truth, feeling it in my heart and living it in my body. This is what I call “VASE”, which stands for Vibrational Alignment to Source Energy which I learned from the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

Being grateful for all my blessings, I learned never to worry. I keep myself lifted in high Abundance consciousness no matter what has manifested. And to keep the flow of abundance flowing freely, I tithe; giving ten percent or more of whatever I receive to anyone or any institution who feeds me spiritually. Giving and receiving is equally important, a tested practice in living a life of Infinite Abundance. And if I ever forget, I just take a breath and remember who and what I am.

I am so blessed. I am grateful. I am DivineSokie.

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