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The morning is a great time to do a spiritual practice because it sets up your whole day. I used to listen to a morning meditation by Jacob Glass every day on my way to work. In it he said, "If we don't consciously hand our day over to Love, by default we give it to the ego." In other words, if we don't make a commit to focus on love, fear will take hold of our day. That always stuck with me and inspired me to develop a simple practice when I wake up.

Before my feet touch the floor, I take a moment and hand my day over to Love. As I continue my morning routine, brushing my teeth, drinking coffee, etc. I contemplate what I'm grateful for and take stock of all the blessings in my life. I write down at least ten things I'm grateful for and then follow that up with ten "I Am" statements - these are declarative statements that affirm my truth. Ex: "I AM perfect whole and complete." "I AM pure potential." "I AM a love magnet!"