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I Found Freedom In Forgiveness

Making amends is an opportunity to heal from previous grievances. This allows for a reflection upon behaviors, actions, and thoughts regarding ourselves and others. This is a process of acknowledgement and forgiveness that can be difficult but is necessary for the soul.

Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine. Our true purpose is to use the inner Light to share love, wisdom, and compassion. When we deviate from this purpose we tend to create unrest. Making amends helps to take responsibility, realign us to our purpose, and heal old wounds.

One of the hardest amends I made was with an ex-lover of mine. We were together for a few years and during that time, we created a life that was intertwined. The lines between work, home, and social gatherings blurred. At that time, I was more dependent upon our relationship than I would have cared to admit. As our relationship unfolded, I gave up things that were very dear to my heart. Years were spent cultivating a gorgeous garden where I would host weekly spiritual teachers and healers. It was a space where others could meet with their students and I could be exposed to learn beside them. Teachers came from all over the world and I had the privilege to be of service. Each week hours were spent in the garden; tending to it, participating in classes, or just playing with our little dog Guapo.