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How To Expand Prosperity Consciousness

Most people think of prosperity only in relation to their bank account or financial status, and yet it is so much more. Prosperity flows directly from the giving-ness of God, withholding from us nothing at all. Just look at the opulence in nature and you will observe the evidence of plenty everywhere.

Several years ago, during the economic downturn, I lost a couple of large accounts. I felt out of prosperity’s flow, which showed up as a feeling of not-enoughness. This constriction also manifested in my health and my relationships. So what I did first was to become inwardly still, which allowed me to become steeped in the feeling tone that infinite, invisible supply was available to me Now. To reignite my sense of prosperity, I begin writing down all that I was grateful for. And, if I unexpectedly found myself feeling financially constricted, I circulated money to shift that mindset. Today, if I feel challenged in my relationships, I do forgiveness work on myself and return to the natural, harmonious flow of my life.