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There Is NO Fear In Perfect Love

When I was a child I was afraid of the dark. I didn't like going to bed because it meant the lights would go out. I knew there were monsters under the bed just waiting to come out and get me. My older brother, with whom I shared a bedroom, liked the dark and could sleep better when the lights were off.

After Mom or Dad would come tuck us in and read, the lights went out and we were expected to go to sleep - no excuse! Fortunately for me I slept next to a window. The next-door neighbors had a carport that abutted our bedroom, and on occasion they'd leave the light on over night. It was always nice when they forgot to turn it off because I felt that everything would be alright.

Perfect love casts out fear. It's the light shining in the night illuminating the shadows. Fear lurks in the dark/confusion of the ego. Fear and love are polar opposites on the yardstick of Life (although, to quote "A Course In Miracles" - what is all encompassing can have no opposite). Where there's Perfect Love, there's no fear. Fear cannot exist where there is Love. God is Love, so God being all-there-is, means that Love is all-there-is.

The ego sees danger everywhere and wants us to believe that anything contrary to what the news reports is simply not true. It knows that when we see Love everywhere we also see fear for what it is - an illusion.

The ego creates the clouds that block Love’s ever-present Light. Behind the clouds of doubt and feelings of not being worthy enough, is the Love that says everything is alright. No harm could ever come to the Real Self - the Self that knows its true value, the Self that knows that it is already perfect, whole, and complete and that there's nothing we need and nothing we can do that will negate our perfection.

"Getting real” means we stop playing small and start loving ourselves. When others experience us in our most authentic state, it shows them that miracles are possible because when we witness the light in others it reflects back to us our own light. Seeing light in others, supports us in seeing ourselves. There is only one mind, one Love and that Love is us.

Shine on.

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