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Finding Peace In Our Political Climate

woman holding flag at political rally

Like many, finding peace in the midst of our current political climate can seem all but impossible these days. Though I know in Truth nothing is actually happening for nothing in this illusion we call “life” is Truly real. It is only a dream. A belief that it is possible for us to be separate from God. We are not these bodies. We are not the story we have created about who we are and the world around us. We are truly limitless and untouchable as God Self. However, even in that knowing, it has been challenging to shake the immediate, reactionary, involuntary judgment that comes up each time I hear of some new seemingly oppressive or fear-based directive or law being put into place. And despite extensive prayer and meditation to release my reactive tendency, I at times feel as easily triggered as ever.

However, during a recent Sunday Service, I had a what A Course In Miracles would call a revelation. I