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Finding Peace In Our Political Climate

woman holding flag at political rally

Like many, finding peace in the midst of our current political climate can seem all but impossible these days. Though I know in Truth nothing is actually happening for nothing in this illusion we call “life” is Truly real. It is only a dream. A belief that it is possible for us to be separate from God. We are not these bodies. We are not the story we have created about who we are and the world around us. We are truly limitless and untouchable as God Self. However, even in that knowing, it has been challenging to shake the immediate, reactionary, involuntary judgment that comes up each time I hear of some new seemingly oppressive or fear-based directive or law being put into place. And despite extensive prayer and meditation to release my reactive tendency, I at times feel as easily triggered as ever.

However, during a recent Sunday Service, I had a what A Course In Miracles would call a revelation. In the midst of a sermon, I had an inspiring vision that reminded me that those who oppress only oppress that which they fear within themselves. I saw Mike Pence as not hating gay individuals, but rather, hating the gay man within himself. I saw Donald Trump as not hating minorities, but rather, hating the minority within himself. I saw legislative leaders as not protecting themselves from others, but rather, protecting themselves from themselves. And in that instance, I felt a deep empathy and compassion for the suffering we experience when living in the ego mind. I saw these beautiful souls in the confusing hell of their own making — and not only felt no need to resist them, but more so, a deep desire to want to help them heal. I saw myself as being part of their healing. Remembering that when we show up as our true healing presence, there is nothing that can affect us. Our healing light cannot be eradicated. Awareness to it may be blocked or obscured for a time. But nothing that blocks or obscures light can change its existence in any way, shape or form.

That empathy and compassion — that deep sense of being the untouchable healing presence — was a revelation of seeing with the Mind of God. In this state, I felt perfect, limitless, unshakable peace. In this state, I saw nothing but healing. My attention was not drawn to what my ego would perceive as bad, wrong or unfair. Rather my attention was drawn to seeing the nothingness of that perceived judgment. And in seeing the nothingness, I was able to transcend my former reactive state to God’s peaceful, loving presence.

When we unconditionally align in seeing all in this illusory world with the Mind of God, all sense of oppression, attack, suffering or separation dissolve — leaving us to experience a resolute peace that has no opposite. An omni-peace that is as illogical to the ego as it is all-encompassing in Truth. Our work is to release the illusory beliefs that keep us from remembering the Truth of our inner untouchable peace. And then sharing that remembering — that peace — with all. How good life is when we let go and simply align with the Mind of God!


Mark Darren Gregor is an INSPIRE Ministerial Candidate and Executive & Career Coach. To learn more about Mark and his practice, please visit his website at or LinkedIn Profile at:

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