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There Is Only One Of Us

It was night and I was standing in front of a window looking at my reflection staring back at me ruminating over a recent uncomfortable social encounter when 6 very important words filled my troubled mind, “There is only one of us.” Instantly the walls between me and this person fell flat and I knew I had just been gifted with insight that would become the culmination of my lifetime of disconnection.

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to have friends. The family that rejected me, would not allow me to be accepted by others which fostered for me an isolation and separation that I will never be able to put into words. In his book “The Power of Kindness” Pierro Ferrucci offers the best description that I have heard of my state of being, cosmic loneliness. A deep sense of unworthiness, paired with utter confusion about the circumstances of my life and no real experience being connected to others had left me in a dismal lost state of separation from humanity. What it is to be intimate and connected to someone who really sees me and choses me was an experience I believed I would never have in this lifetime.

But as those 6 words replayed in my head, “There is only one of us…” I began to see the gift of all those lonely years may be my ability to process this deep truth. We live in an outer centric reality where many are seeking to resolve the issues of their lives by moving the checker pieces of their external existence. How many of us have said if I can just get a better job, make more money, if my mother would accept me for who I am, if my spouse would get over that habit, or change her/his ways my life would be better? Often seeking to adjust the outer reality solely in expectation that the inner world will be transformed into a state of joy as a result of the outer change. This conceptualized thinking has put us as a population out of touch with who we truly are and the cost is great.


It has taken a lifetime of complete separation for me to understand that I was only as separate as I perceived because as a physical body composed of many parts is one whole so is all of life. A singular cell in the body can be sick but it cannot be a part from the body. Chronic Isolation, sadness, depression, and overall life dissatisfaction is a symptom of how we perceive life, and not a representation that their is anything truly wrong with us, others or our lives. For we are a whole body united by the essence of love whether we see it that way or not.

So I came to see if as a “cell” in the body I focus on being whole, healed and functioning at my best potential I automatically invite health to my life which brings me to a state of peace with all of life. When we heal our lives we are no longer enemies to the body that we are one with. We become the cure to the sickness of fear that has plagued the human race for far too long. The new earth we speak of will be created as we individually take ownership of our inner worlds because as we do this the outer world we live in will begin to change. No longer a body against itself we will be a transformed human race.

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