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Why Your Spiritual Practice Matters

The reason I prioritize my spiritual practice is simple: it effects every aspect of my life. Mindfully sitting down to meditate, focus my prayer, and give thanks supports me in staying present throughout the day and it serves as a reminder that my life is full of blessings.

I've learned through experience that consistency is key when it comes to my practice. When I first started I would do it in spurts. Often, I would hit a road block in my life which brought me back to my practice. I would pray for change and visualize the results I desired. When I got what I wanted I'd drop the practice. What I eventually learned was the changes I experienced were the result of my practice (or more precisely the shift in consciousness that resulted from my practice) and if I was committed to expanding the "BIG" picture of my life then it helped to do the practice every day - not just when I felt challenge.

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