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Why Your Spiritual Practice Matters

The reason I prioritize my spiritual practice is simple: it effects every aspect of my life. Mindfully sitting down to meditate, focus my prayer, and give thanks supports me in staying present throughout the day and it serves as a reminder that my life is full of blessings.

I've learned through experience that consistency is key when it comes to my practice. When I first started I would do it in spurts. Often, I would hit a road block in my life which brought me back to my practice. I would pray for change and visualize the results I desired. When I got what I wanted I'd drop the practice. What I eventually learned was the changes I experienced were the result of my practice (or more precisely the shift in consciousness that resulted from my practice) and if I was committed to expanding the "BIG" picture of my life then it helped to do the practice every day - not just when I felt challenge.

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Many people will really commit to a spiritual practice ... until they get what they want. Then they let the practice go and can't seem to figure out why things eventually fall apart. Remember, the world is a reflection of your consciousness. Doesn't it make sense to devote time every day to making sure you stay in alignment with heart's desire? Then the place you move from is generally one of peace and fulfillment. The results only get better and there's no need for constant reboots.

Another thing that shifted was my motivation for doing a daily practice. I admit that the main reason I started my practice was because I wanted my life to look a certain way and I believed that spiritual practices could help me get there. Today, I do my practice to stay in alignment with peace and joy. When my heart is open I move through life with ease and grace. I'm less attached to outcome and more aware that my greatest good is always unfolding. And I still use spiritual principle to propel me towards goals that feel inspiring and fun. It's all good!

I encourage you explore the blocks that might prevent you from committing to a daily practice. Do you think that you don't have enough time? Is sitting in meditation a challenge for you? There are thousands of practices that you can weave into a daily practice to make it work for you. If you remain willing the perfect practice will reveal itself to you. Stay open to be guided and I promise you, a book will pop off the shelf, you'll walk into a class that blows your mind, or a friend will recommend a teacher that totally resonates with you. The Universe has your back and is simply waiting for you to say YES. So ... say yes!!!

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