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The Whisper of Your Soul

Dear Soul, I ask you to place your hands on your heart. Feel it beating? That is LIFE; it is purpose, pulsating throughout your body. You were incarnated with a very specific unique purpose to contribute to the expansion of light in this world. YOU have a divine path just waiting to be realized that only YOU can do!

GOD, The Creator, Source, Spirit, the Universe, created you with

intention, with purpose, and it is your birthright to live in abundance and the life of your dreams. So many of us function in a robotic state in a mundane routine peeking out the window wondering if there is more to life. You pray asking for guidance or cry in despair that life has become unfulfilled. Your prayer is heard and all the angels are working on the other side to send you a sign, to guide you towards your calling.

Unexpectedly, you have a prophetic dream or run into someone that is aligned with your new vision or unexplained ideas come to surface. You stop for a moment and listen; feeling a sense of hope, a bigger vision for your life emerges, and excitement overcomes you. Just as you take action, you’re asked out on a date and become consumed with this new person, or a project at work takes priority, or fear and doubt make the dream seem impossible. So you look for a distraction, go out with friends, have a weekend of fun silencing that inner voice.

The cycle repeats and a robotic mundane existence takes over muting any hope for change. The Divine intelligence that created you is observing this pattern waiting for you to call upon for help.

The Omnipresence, Omnipotent, Omniscience power is ONE with you and knows your dreams, can feel what is in your heart and will always deliver the promise “Ask and you Shall receive.” So, when the door is ignored the first time, there will be a louder knock, the third and fourth knock gets louder, by this time a gush of wind breaks the door down followed by blinding debris.

You try with all your power to slam shut that door but the more you resist the stronger the wind fights back and all around you is chaos. You get laid off from your job, friends that were once so important betray you, wife or husband leaves you, it seems as if the world is against you and the people that appeared to love you the most fall away. You feel so alone. There is nothing left but silence. It is in those times that the love of God has bathed you in light to bring all the darkness to surface to purge, release, and heal wounds that no longer serve your evolution. It is then that the voice of your soul can be heard.

There are seasons that God needs time with you alone to prepare you for your heart’s desire. This Divine intelligence sees the bigger picture of your life orchestrating behind the scenes everything you need to reach your highest calling. Although it may seem as if you have been abandoned, alone, betrayed it is during those times of contention that present the most potential for growth. Just as a Diamond needs its rough edges to be chiseled and polished to shine, so does your consciousness to attract what is rightfully yours.

Deepening your relationship with God is a process, and you have the ability to allow the life-force of the Creator to guide your life. Can you imagine how your energy would sky rocket throughout the planet without the distractions of others ideals for your life or destructive thought patterns, and relationships diminishing your energy?

So, what is the first step? It all stems from your thoughts and subconscious beliefs about yourself. I have found through counseling people, that majority of our subconscious beliefs are formed in childhood. Whether it was being bullied at school, to being the eldest sibling required to be perfect, family abuse, having things come so easy, not feeling deserving, sexual abuse, verbal abuse by a loved one, learning disability, outcast, or any stigma you identified with.

That unhealed karmic energy was carried in your subconscious mind leaving a blueprint of energy that attracts the same dynamics to revisit in your life until it is healed. It is simply The Law of Attraction, which uses the power of the mind to translate repeated thought patterns and materialize them into reality. It is scientifically proven that we are made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy, which is in direct communication, consciously and subconsciously with the Universe.

The Universe is an energetic intelligence created by God wanting to give you exactly as you desire. It can only respond to what you tell it. It does not distinguish what is positive or negative only what you communicate to bring you. Once shifting your consciousness to believing you are a divine expression of God’s love, you will live an abundant life.

And the best part is the physical evidence. You will know your energy shifted to a higher vibration when toxic people and situations suddenly fall off because they cannot rise to your platform. Don’t take people or situations leaving your life personal; keep moving forward towards your calling and the rest will fall into place. As your soul whispers, get still, that voice should be louder than any noise from the physical world. It is that voice who breathed life into you. First came the creation of your soul, then man brought you to life.

Embrace your off season and time alone. Plant your roots in the ground so when God is ready to use you nobody can shake the leaves off your branch. How do you expect God to reach you if you’re constantly surrounded by lower vibrating energies? The greater your social life does not always measure up to a fulfilling spiritual life. In essence, the closest space to God is unconditional love for another... start with yourself.

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