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Am I Committed To My Awakening?

I've been studying the text, "The Way of Mastery" - it's really impacted my life and spiritual practice. In chapter 5 it states that we must commit fully to our personal path in order to master The Way of the Heart (and thereby awaken to the Truth). “A way in life means to have chosen from all possibilities that one which will stand out as the way to which you are committed, the way to which you devote the whole of your attention by granting your willingness that the way be followed.” What stands out to me are the phrases “the whole of your attention” and “by granting your willingness.” Without devoted attention and willingness, a goal will not be met.

So, what is it that I truly desire and am willing to commit to with all of my devoted attention? My deepest desire is to awaken to my Oneness with Perfect Love —to know Love as myself—and to Serve only Love. To some, that might sound lofty and out of reach. It doesn’t have to be unless we choose to make it that way. The good news is that Jeshua tells us exactly what