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Ask And The Answer Is Given

There was a time when I taught for transformation without believing that transformation was possible. I hoped it was possible and I taught because some part of me knew it to be truthful, yet there was a niggle of doubt in me. Students would ask whether I thought there would be an end to war or a solution to poverty or an answer to oppression in our lifetime. How do we do this work believing that transformation is possible when the evidence seems to be to the contrary? Then they’d ask, why work on solutions if the people who had the power to change our systems were not interested in changing them?

It was during these exchanges that I became aware that I was not completely convinced of the possibility of transformation. I’d talk about the rich rewards of living an engaged life with core values of inclusion, freedom, and love, and make the point that we as a global community have everything we need to solve all of our problems. But I couldn’t say that peace is possible or that poverty could be eradicated because my focus was on how things were in present conditions and not in the realm of infinite possibilities. That ceiling on my belief system of how far we could go toward collective liberation was painful and exhausting to hold, and that’s how I came to a spiritual path.

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Exhausted and on the precipice of hopelessness, I heard a voice that said: you need a spiritual community. Even though I had not had that thought before, I trusted my intuition and started attending services at various New Thought centers. I was drinking in spiritual teachings about the unified field of awareness and the Oneness of all of life, infinite supply and absolute abundance, and our true nature which is love, generosity, wisdom and intelligence.

I saw almost immediately that there is, indeed, a solution to every problem, and more than enough to go around here and now. I learned to see beyond appearance and condition. I learned to let go of old stories and attachments to the past. I learned to see beyond my present paradigm to a transcendent good that is guaranteed by the fact there is only one life and it is the life of God. I began to understand that there are absolute and eternal truths about us that are true whether or not we know it or choose to align with them. If we align with them, however, we are in a different world where war is obsolete and poverty a thing of the past.

It is done twice, once in consciousness and once in form. We must ask believing it is true. We must ask with joyful expectancy that we will receive. In every major religion there are unchanging and absolute truths that establish our inherent goodness, making it a plausible basis for our collective movements to realize a deeper Truth and higher awareness about who and what we are, and what it is we are here to do.

I realized lately that I had a ceiling on what I thought was possible in my life. I wanted without believing I could have. I didn’t believe I could have the love that I want. I didn’t believe that I could have the career that I want. When I was younger, I shut down my wanting because I found it so painful but now I see that the pain arises from wanting without believing that I can have. That’s the same pain of wanting global transformation but not believing that it could be true. Pray believing that you have.

Knock and the door shall be opened.


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