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Family and the Inner Voice

A few years ago, I did something to improve my intuition. I stopped listening to music, watching shows and spending time on social media.

Little by little, I learned to differentiate my intuition from fear and doubt. A week in, I started feeling and hearing my intuition, in varying degrees, at unexpected times.

One morning, that voice was so loud that it made me sit up, in bed, in my Weho apartment. I longed to be under a tree from my childhood in India. ‘Man! It’s been twenty years,’ I thought. That voice led me to give my one-year-notice at work. With hesitation, I gave my notice that same day, not knowing where I was headed, just knowing that I wanted to go back to that tree.

When I broke the news to my parents, who had moved back to India, after retiring from Kuwait, they asked, ‘What do you plan on doing?’ I talked and they seemed excited.