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Finding Peace Through Terminal Illness

The cycle of life and death is a topic many of righteous minds have written about. But what does it all really mean? Is the point of life just to die? Is death of the body the final curtain call when all energy ceases to exist? The following is a conversation on “Life and Death” with Lucy, a terminally ill client of mine, who had a few months left to live.

Death is a common fear among society. More people fear death than not and I can attest to being one of those people. Although I also believe in an afterlife the thought of actually dying terrified me. What happens after I stop breathing? Will I feel suffocated? Will I be scared not knowing where I am? Is it dark and scary like a nightmare you can’t wake up from?

Lucy nodded to all those questions believing that when you die consciousness ends and that’s it. You no longer exist in this world and life is over. What a frightening thought that when the body dies life ceases to exist on all levels.

So I eased into the conversation with scientific fact from our friend Einstein. He discovered “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” So with that being said, I asked Lucy, “Do you believe in God?” She explained without a doubt, “I do, but I am still scared.”

I comforted her that is a normal expression of the unknown but since we do have scientific fact that we are energy and since energy cannot be created nor destroyed we then are eternal just like our Creator. Our soul is the energy that is eternal, created by the Omnipotent, the Omnipresence, GOD.

So if our life was created by this Divine Intelligence, it was created with purpose, that purpose carries an indestructible energy that carries over after death. Lucy’s face lightened up but as she processed that information she asked, “Then what is the purpose of having a body? Why would God be so cruel to create life, a body that is just going to suffer and die?” I took that in deeply, it is a fair question. I explained,

Lucy, that is your ego creating that fear. The truth is, death is only a thought. All of our experiences originate in the mind. We are taught to believe in death but it is an illusion of the separation of body from God. Death is the illusory expression of the idea of separation. Ego attaches to the idea of death to exist by being separate from God. To believe in death is to acquire characteristics God does not have such as change, decay, and impermanence. The ego thinks that if it can put us to death, it has proved that our guilt is real. Our ego needs to keep us guilty to keep us in the dream of the vicious cycle of karma. What is the guilt? That we separated from God when we came here and we killed God. Subconscious guilt is where all the fear, pain, projection and anger reside. It is the very energy that is feeding your fear of transitioning from this physical dimension.

The truth is that the connection you have with God does not end with the death of the body it just evolves into another level of love. I am not telling you to deny the death cycle, you see it in the food chain, vegetables, plants of the Earth…. it is healthy to acknowledge death but most important is to question the belief in it. Let’s sum up what we now know to be the truth about your body. The body does not die because it is not alive. It cannot contain you who are which is life. If something dies and decays it was never alive to begin with. To affirm the reality of death is to affirm that an opposite of God exists. Death is nothing more than our belief in the separation from God, our source.

There was a major shift in Lucy’s energy from when we began the session. Her body was relaxed and a sense of peace she was not even aware of embodied her auric field. I could still tell there was something that needed to come up for healing to make the session complete.

So we sat in silence and Lucy said, “But I love God, prayed every day, went to healers, ate nourishing foods, and nothing healed my body. God did not help to heal me so it made me question at times if there really is a God. I mean I do believe always have, but when you pray and do all of the right things and no healing takes place, where is God in that?”

I replied, “Lucy let me ask you to close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Do that 3 times with a clear mind. Now think about all we discussed about death and the body. Forgive yourself for the fear, the doubt, and for being sick, God sees you perfect, whole and complete just as you are. God gave you life, created your soul, therefore it can never die. You are not your body Lucy. You are a perfect expression of God’s love. Take that in and breathe deeply 3 times in and out. As you are sitting here in this moment do you feel peace?

“With a serene smile on her face she softly utters, “Yes, I am at peace.” I smile back at her, “Then the healing has taken place.” I will leave you with this quote Lucy, from the Science of Mind, “And you the expression of myself, appear to be separated from Me merely because you are a unique manifestation of myself. For I AM that which you are which all people are. I am in all and I am all.”


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