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Goal Setting Shouldn't Suck

Believe it or not, the process of goal setting shouldn't suck. One of the major reasons people fall short of achieving what they set out to accomplish is because their goals felt like something they were suppose to do ... not something they wanted to do.

One of the most important elements when making goals for yourself is FUN. Yes, you read that correctly: Your goals should be fun. And don't worry what other people think about what you're creating, what's fun to one person may not seem appealing to someone else. Your goals are made by you and for you. It can feel tedious investing your time, talents, and energy into something that doesn't interest you. For the sake of your peace of mind I encourage you to develop a strict "no people pleasing" policy when it comes to setting your goals.

Enthusiastic man on a bike

One of my goals this year is to feel radically healthy and vibrant. I'd like to release some weight and make a few shifts in my general diet. I was a personal trainer for years and I'll be the first to admit that I got burnt out on the gym culture, especially here in Los Angeles. I have a specific goal in mind but couldn't find any way to make it fun... it felt like something I HAD to do. My rebel nature kicked into full gear and I avoided making any of the changes that would set me on the path towards success.

Then, a miracle happened. I was talking with my dad and he shared that he had the exact same goal, down to the smallest details! Together, we created a friendly competition with specific rules and milestone goals.

At the end of six months, whoever reached or exceeded their goal the best, gets treated to a steak dinner and $50 cash. By enrolling my dad into the creative process, I made something the felt grueling into something totally fun and enjoyable. Now, not only am I on the path towards feeling the best I've ever felt, I'm also reveling in what I am SURE will be a victory for me. It feels playful and fun. I know I'm going to accomplish my goal.

invite you to consider what shifts you might be able to make with your goals this year. Allow your goals to infuse a sense of fun and excitement into your life. This way, not only will you feel successful this year ... you'll have fun on the journey too! That's what I call playing BIG!


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