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The Simple Truth?

We say God/Love is all there is. But do we believe that in the core of our Being? God is ALL there is? There is nothing that is not God? What about the evil, cruelty, and suffering in this world? Ah, right...this world is an illusion. Anything that is unlike Love is not real. Only Love is real.

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We are conditioned to judge and categorize everything--people, situations, experiences. Everything has been classified as good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable. These classifications can only exist in a world of duality. How can what is all-encompassing have an opposite? God only creates that which is like itself, therefore, it can only be Good. That Truth, by the way, extends to each one of us.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say everything is neutral and we ego-identified humans place meaning and value on everything we see and experience. This is a good experience--I want more of that. I want to push away or avoid the bad. I personally can go through a lot of maneuvers and machinations in an attempt to prevent situations or experiences I have decided are going to be bad and that I don’t want to have. What’s worse--the dread in anticipation and all the avoidance of a situation, or the actual experience? Could what appears to be a horrible situation be seen as neutral? The crucifixion as experienced through Jesus’ enlightened mind--judging nothing, accepting everything--was probably nothing like the agony and suffering anyone else might have experienced through their ego perception.

By actively avoiding something in my life experience that I perceive is going to be worse, could I be creating just as much--if not more--suffering for myself? I might be afraid to leave a job because I wouldn’t have the salary and the benefits and the perceived security, but staying there means I would have to work too hard, pay crazy high taxes, and feel stressed. Is that better than what I think I will experience if I don’t have that job or a similar one? I am essentially trading freedom, possibility, and excitement for limitation, stagnation, and disengagement. Through this limited viewpoint, not believing the Truth of my being, I’m dishonoring myself as an extension of God.

When I return to the simple truth that there is only God and I AM that, I remember that I am the conscious creator of this life experience and I have the power to change it. And however the new experience manifests, it is all God and as such, all Good. Nothing to fear. Only opportunities to expand and express more Love.


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